Dave Abel


A world of color for Sherwin Williams and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

Sherwin Williams

Shark Week Integrated

Creative Director


A World of Colour

To celebrate the kickoff of 2019 Shark Week, Discovery Channel and Sherwin Williams tapped Roger and I to create a custom spot celebrating the glorious world of sharks and the colorful world of paint from Sherwin Williams. The end result is a strange and goofy spot that features yours truly doing my best (and worst) David Attenborough impression. Suffice it to say, the BBC won’t be hiring me for nature documentaries any time soon.


The creative went through a number of iterations as we honed in on the final look. It’s surprising the number of different ways you can ‘paint’ 3D sharks and have them swim through a submerged paint swatch. A huge thanks to the teams at Discovery, Sherwin Williams, and Roger for making this commercial a strange and goofy hit.