Dave Abel


To the Max with Season 6 of Orange is the New Black

Hi5 + Netflix

Season 6 Campaign

Conceptual Creative Dir.


Orange to the Max

As one of Netflix’s original Originals, Orange is the New Black has a rabid global fanbase that wasn’t too hot on Season 5. The controversial season left fans on a serious cliffhanger, and for the lead into Season 6, Netflix wanted to play into that while simultaneously resetting the series. Working with the team at Hi5, I Creative Directed the preliminary conceptual and visual development for the OOH campaign, ensuring fans understood that Season 6 was raising the stakes and upping the ante.


Unfortunately I can’t share development from the assignment (NDAs and such), but the final assets are a testament to the creative team at Hi5 as well as the unique approach embraced by the Netflix Marketing team. It’s always fun to drive to work in LA and see your own creation towering above the bumper to bumper traffic.