Dave Abel

Imagine Launch

Feeing Imagination w Imag!ne and David & Goliath

Roger, D&G

Imag!ne Product Launch



Imag!ne the Possibilities

To kickoff the 2019 launch of Imag!ne Snacks, David & Goliath tapped Roger and I to create a set of stop-motion commercials for the new brand. Each spot was designed to reinforce the broader campaign message, “Feeding Imagination,” while highlighting the four distinct flavors of crackers. The end result is a library of fun, whimsical, childlike spots made of crackers, popsicle sticks, paper, clothes pins, pipe cleaners, modeling clay, and just about every other craft item we could find at Michaels.


With Imag!ne being a new brand, it was essential that our creative worked across every imaginable (pun intended) platform and marketing tool. As a result, each spot was designed, shot, and finished at three unique aspect ratios, forcing us to get creative with both our compositions and our post-production workflow.


Production was shot across six days, all on a custom-built stage at the Roger offices. Despite it looking like Dexter was setting to work behind the black duvetyne, the shoot gave us a chance to work practically and with our hands; a rarity these days and a welcome change from trackpads and Wacom tablets. Plus, we got to eat free crackers for the better part of two months. Bonus!


Post-production was complimented by the fantastic sound design and mixing team at Wild Woods Picture & Sound. They brought a practical and tangible approach to their work, giving each spot a familiar-yet-unique soundscape that brought our picture to life.


A big thank you to David & Goliath, as well as the entire team at Roger – it’s hard to imagine (again, sorry for the pun) these commercials coming to life without your hard work and immense creativity!