Dave Abel


It’s Primetime, Baby.

NFL + Gameday Prime

Show Package & Marketing

Creative Director


It’s Prime Time

A surprise hit with fans in its inaugural season, NFL Network wanted to spice up the look, in-show, and marketing assets for its Sunday late-night offering, Gameday Prime. Part game highlights and part late-night talk show, Prime was a unique offering for NFLN, and they needed a distinct look that would stand out from the rest of the Sunday/Gameday offerings. The end result is a slick, neon-lit design inspired by Primetime Neon Deion himself.


Our initial show package design exploration focused on capturing that late-night vibe, while still delivering on ‘sports’ and working seamlessly within the gigantic organism that is the NFL Network’s show production pipeline.


With a locked design, we set about planning for the talent shoot. Knowing how busy Deion and LT were on media day, we knew we had a narrow window to capture the green screen assets we needed to complete the show design as well as the marketing assets. It’s not often you storyboard a ‘stand and repeat,’ but with only 20 minutes with the guys, we couldn’t leave anything to chance.


The shoot was a breeze, with both Deion and LT being completely game with the antics we had planned, as well as some improvised tomfoolery between the two. Shooting in 6K ensured that our print and digital deliverables had the photographic fidelity we’d need for the marketing campaign, too.


The final show package design was a huge hit, helping to redefine Gameday Prime as the signature show in NFL Networks Sunday coverage.


But our work didn’t end with the show design. Upon delivering the in-program assets, we shifted our focus to the supporting marketing campaign. Working with a new team at NFLN, we paired back the 3D assets of the show, and focused in on the neon-colored attitude of Deion and LT.


A promo package tied directly to the digital, social, and print design, creating a consistent cross-platform look for the show and its new, bolder identity.