Dave Abel


The Launch Campaign for AMC’s Feed the Beast

AMC & Loyalkaspar

Feed the Beast Launch

Creative Director


A Recipe for Disaster, Cooked to Perfection

When AMC lined up Clyde Phillips’ follow up to Dexter, they knew they needed a marketing campaign that could do some heavy lifting. The show, based off a relatively obscure Danish TV show, was a completely unique genre for a network known largely for ad men, meth, and the undead. So, AMC tasked Loyalkaspar and I to develop a launch campaign that would serve to educate and whet the appetites of new and current network fans.


Starting almost half a year out from launch, our first task was establishing a creative foundation for the campaign. Call it a position, campaign concept, or north star, but this condensed, singular statement would act as our guardrails for future creative, ensuring any work created in support of the show fell in line with the overall vision and tone.


We set about developing and designing key assets that would act as the central creative for the launch. Simultaneous development of both Key Art and AV gave us a unique opportunity to explore how the two different extensions of the show could work in tandem to tell a larger story.


Parallel to the AV creative, Loyalkaspar was tasked with creating an in-world experiential event to herald the launch of the show. AMC wanted a highly visible, well-trafficked location the weekend prior to launch. The result was a 14-foot tall meat cleaver plunged into the center of a massive cutting board in the heart of Times Square. Integrated Instagram booths gave fans free prints of their tagged photos, while a street team and built-in monitors gave passersby an exclusive look at the show.


Timed to deliver alongside the event in NYC, we also created Social Influencer kits, targeting young and emerging food-oriented tastemakers, sending them personalized kits with first-look episodes and show-inspired schwag.


The result was a successful launch, one that had better tracking that AMC’s more highly visible Preacher. The final creative is a testament to designers, editors, production crews, and managers at Loyalkaspar and AMC. Here’s a brief snapshot at some of the press and social coverage the event and creative garnered prior to launch. And a special thanks to everyone who helped bring this to life.