Dave Abel


Good Goes Around and Around

Roger + General Mills

Summer ‘18 Commercials

Creative Director


Good Goes ‘Round and Around

As part of their national Good Goes Round campaign in 2018, General Mills asked Roger and I to create a series of signature CG spots for the summer. Each spot would need to cater to a distinct audience, while always tying back to the broader ongoing campaign. Oh, and they had to be fun, too. The end result was three distinctly different spots – and a slew of additional, unique social assets – swimming in milk and summer fun.


As part of the initial development, I wrote and directed the preliminary treatments alongside Roger’s creative leads. General Mills settled on three approaches, and we got to work on developing a signature look and style for the three spots. An expedited timeline also meant we were R&Ding our technical approach while developing a look. Certainly not ideal, but the talented team of artists and technicians at Roger made it smooth sailing.


With our stories and look set, we got started on the actual animation and production of the three spots. With two teams running concurrently, we spent some late nights and early mornings getting Buzz and his Cheerio friends to look just right.


The final broadcast spots are a testament to the amazing team at both Roger and General Mills. We certainly could not have done this without everyone’s collective efforts.


But in these multi-platform days, it’s silly to think a campaign begins and ends with broadcast. We made sure that elements of our commercials extended over to the social-only assets, tying the campaign together tonally and visually. The fun looping animations posed their own challenges (vertical, looping, etc.), but our fantastic team pulled it off seamlessly.